Google Wave Client-Server Protocol

About the Google Wave Client-Server Protocol website

This website describes the inner workings of the Google Wave Client-Server Protocol reference implementation located at

The purpose of this website is to describe as much of the inner workings of the Google Wave Client-Server Protocol as used with the website.

The information gathered in this website has been retrieved by investigating the output of Firebug while using Google Wave.

Although the mechanism of communicating with Google Wave described here works, it is not an official description of the protocol. The protocol has not been made public by Google yet, and the protocol as described in this website is a good guess at best. Google can (and will) change the protocol without notice. Use at your own risk.

Please note that the protocol described in this website does not refer to the Federation protocol. For this and other official protocol publications, please go to the website.

The Google Wave Client-Server Protocol website is not afilliated with Google in any way.

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