Google Wave Client-Server Protocol


This website uses a series of conventions to make the specifications as clear as possible. The different conventions are described here.

Data sections

An example data section is presented below.

First line of data\n
Second line of data

Data sections describe raw data. These are used for example when describing data that is submitted to the server, or retrieved from the server.

Newlines in data sections are not actual newlines and must be omitted from the actual data. Instead, newlines are noted down with escape sequences. The following escape sequences are used:

Escape sequence Meaning Unicode codepoint
\t Tab 9
\n Newline 10
\r Carriage return 13
\\ Backslash 92
Json sections

An example Json section is presented below.


In certain data sections substitutions are described. An example is displayed below.


Substitutions are always surrounded by curly brackes which have to be excluded from the actual data. Please note that data will have to be encoded where applicable. For example, when the data section describes data to be submitted via application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding, it will have to be URL-encoded before being substituted.

Account names

When a Google Wave account is required, the following accounts are used:

Account Usage The user we use for logging on to Google Wave.
A secondary Google Wave account.

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